Event Design Technology

When Events and Technology Collide

In today’s event industry, technology and design go hand and hand. With the growing popularity of high-tech effects combined with a wow-factor, your event can really come alive! From pixelated wall animation to LED spheres, let’s take a look at some tech-savvy concepts that are sure to be the “ooo and aww” of your event.

Projection has been around for years but in 2016 it has become a technology to be reckoned with. Projection has allowed us as event designers to create realistic breathtaking images that can truly emerge guests into the experience. The most eye-catching example of this is the Salesforce Corporate headquarters in California-using millions of pixels to create different atmospheres and ambiences. With this type of technology, décor has no limits!

Projection can also be used in an interactive aspect. Take a look at this unique way to incorporate effects and entertainment into an outdoor event.

By filling up the pool with ping pong balls, it creates a neutral pallet for the projectors to show dynamic imagery. With this display you can have your logo highlighted at the beginning of the event and then, transition into various designs once night falls. An added bonus is having swimming entertainers add a surprise element by interacting with the water and giving new movement to the projection.

Now, these are not your average twinkle lights. The newest technology when it comes to LEDs are the below flying spheres. This light fixture is the perfect combination of light and movement. Hundreds of spherical shapes bundle together to create a linear chandelier effect. Simple yet unique, this concept is the perfect combination of technology collaborating with art. To add an extra pop, sync event music to the movement and color of the fixture to create a cohesive and mesmerizing vibe.

The search for the eye-catching elements is always on the top of clients lists. Creating an event that will dazzle them is simple with these new technology trends. Contact our event designers for innovative and unique ideas on how to intertwine technology into your event! Or fill out the request for proposal for more information on designs similar to our featured.