Pandora -The World of Avatar

On May 27, 2017 Disney opened Pandora -The World of Avatar, a new extension to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Orlando resort at Walt Disney World.

Much like the Avatar movie, which was stunning on screen, Disney plans to “WOW” their guests with a visual and immersive adventure complete with floating mountains and a lush underworld.

One theme found in both the film Avatar and in Disney’s Pandora is exploring the idea that guests can be transformed through adventure!  Have you seen anything more mesmerizing and more beautiful than the Avatar forest? We haven’t!! It’s a gorgeous, magical landscape of glowing colors and fairy tale ideals.

Why not take a piece of the Avatar fantasy and incorporate it into your next event? Whether indoors or out, you can give your next event that magical and enchanted feel.  The theme of Avatar conveys a colorful, yet tranquil setting.

Below are seven creative ways you can immerse your attendees into the world of Avatar:

  • To really set the scene in your Avatar inspired event, your attendees could enter the venue by traveling through an experience tunnel.
  • Add black lights with florescent paint to enhance that glowing feel and transform your space into a bio-luminescent forest.
  • To achieve the surreal underworld effect you see in Avatar, fill your event space with lush and leafy foliage and accent centerpieces with unique floral such as protea.
  • Serenade your guests with the sounds of the rain forest, by adding an I pod and speaker to your foliage islands.
  • Hire an artist to paint a fantasy wall mural throughout the event, evolving into a mystical and magical scene.
  • Create a social experience by incorporating themes of conservation or highlighting a local conservation project.
  • Use colored LED ice cubes to recognize a corporate sponsor or logo for the event. While enhancing your food and beverage to blend with the exotic flavors and appeal.

Whatever your next event, we are available with plenty of mystical and magical ideas floating around.  Our team specializes to ensure your attendees experience something immersive, down to smallest details.

Just as Disney has created Pandora to be exotic, with never-before-experienced qualities, our team can create an experience that is the “Soul” of your next event!

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