5 Event Design Questions

Answer These 5 Questions Before Planning Your Next Event

When guests walk into your event, you want them to feel seen. Like the event was designed just for *them.*

That level of customization takes time. For that reason, we love when our clients bring us in early (and often) so we can help to:

  • Snag that highly sought-after venue.
  • Craft a message that’s woven throughout the entire event.
  • Fabricate custom components, such as a message wall or mirrored hallway.

Discover the ways we can support your event planning journey right from the beginning.

event lobby sitting space

1 – What’s your desired event date? Ideally, you want to start planning your event up to two years in advance. However, we also work with event planners on a shorter timetable (like six months out).

classy food truck outdoor setting

2 – What’s your budget? Throughout our 30 years of corporate event experience, we’ve put together all kinds of events at various price levels. We’re extremely resourceful and always work to maximize your budget.  

outdoor setting on waterfront harbor

3 – What’s your group size? We can help you find the right venue based on your group size. One of the things most people find surprising? Smaller groups (up to 200 people) will be better served by boutique properties. Why? Large properties prioritize large groups. At a boutique property, you’ll be the VIP.  

outdoor lounge string lights

4 – Is your group traveling from the same location or multiple locations across the globe? This helps us understand whether everyone is meeting for the first time or already knows one another. It also leads to a discussion about any special planning that needs to occur (like an award ceremony).

underwater theme centerpiece

5 – What story do you want to tell? From Day 1, we meet with event planners and producers to discuss the overall message of the event. Then we work to ensure every detail ties back to that storyline. The result is an event that feels cohesive from start to finish.

Let Sublime help you create an event that moves your company forward!

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