Food for Thought: Quarantine Snack Inspiration

As we’ve adjusted to social distancing and life indoors, we’ve become greatly in tune with the necessities of life: a safe place, clean air, water, and food. Quarantine snacks have become a buzzword across the world because eating is essential and a common way for people to connect, despite living life in lockdown.

In most cultures, meals are what bring people together. Holidays, family gatherings, and parties almost always contain food as a way to bond, form memories, and extend traditions. We use food for celebration, for comfort, for crisis, and fuel.

In the corporate event industry, food ties functions together. Serving fare that is appropriate to the theme and audience of the event ensures cohesion and satisfaction for your attendees. People get to know each other at banquet tables, network at buffet lines, and share stories over hors d’oeuvres at happy hours.

Since we can’t serve catered food and beverage at events during this time, we thought we’d share some really fun and tasty ideas that you can prepare at home…or for large parties when we bounce back. Enjoy!

Breakfast – Any Time of Day

Protein Pancakes by @metz_1990 on Instagram

Breakfast is not just for the morning! Now that our days all seem to run together, the food rules are meant to be broken. Maybe you used to skip breakfast because your busy schedule didn’t allow the time to sit and eat! Well, now there is no excuse. Or, maybe it’s 3 pm and you want an omelet. We say go for it. We like these protein pancakes because they are messy and healthy – the perfect balance of sweet and substantial. And, super comforting!

Check out @metz_1990 on Instagram for the full recipe.

Anything Fried

Bella Carbonara, @bonci_gabriele on Instagarm

Okay, this may not be the healthiest of options. But, fried food is nothing short of a crowd pleaser and probably a top 3 comfort food. Frying vegetables will help keep balance in your food selection. If you want to go all out, however, we think you might like this Italian pasta wonder. We don’t who created the Bella Carbonara, but we are very glad they did. Pasta inside a fried ball of goodness? Yes, please!

Check out @bonci_gabriele on Instagram for more inspirational vittles.


Mexican Jackfruit Tacos by @naturally_nina_ on Instagram

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays. This is one of those incredibly versatile foods that you can any kind of ingredients. They are quick, easy, and the good kind of messy. Stuff with any kind of meat and vegetables, or even leftovers from the night before. Breakfast tacos? Sure. Dessert Tacos? You bet. Or, try these Mexican pulled Jackfruit tacos. Super colorful and a healthy treat.

Check out @naturally_nina_ on Instagram for the recipe and other healthy fares

So Smoothies

Raspberry Oat smoothies by @ournourishingtable on Instagram

Smoothies are refreshing, filling, and super tasty. If you use fruits and vegetables, you can create a healthy, quick-and-easy meal. Add ice cream or yogurt for a more delectable treat. You can even add alcohol for an adult twist (stay tuned for our next post). They are also really fun to look at it because they come in all colors of the rainbow and make a perfect complement to parties, and small groups. We like this Raspberry and oat concoction because it’s pretty and tasty.

Check out @ournourishingtable on Instagram for all the ingredients and how-to.

Delicious Desserts

Frozen chocolate covered bananas by @singingbaker on Instagram

Raise your hand if you’ve eaten your fair share of ice cream in quarantine! It’s really challenging to avoid sweets and desserts when you have time on your hands. Dessert makes everyone smile, and you can dish up with some healthy options. We are really into the frozen chocolate-covered bananas. These are the perfect mix of fruity and sweet and are great for the current trend in warmer weather.

Check out @singingbaker on Instagram for more great recipes.

Embrace food during this time and try new things! Share your recipes and pictures on social media or email to friends so that social connection over food can continue to grow. We can’t wait to get back to planning full-scale catered events and share those menus with you! Until then, enjoy the ability to experiment with all types of food!