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6 Ways to Maximize Social Distancing During a Pandemic

In moments of uncertainty, it’s natural to feel stressed or worried. With all the unknown variables that coincide with the current global situation, we desperately seek to find something we can control. The simple truth: you can’t control anything but your own reaction.

As an event planner, producer, and designer, we at Sublime Event Designs understand the unexpected hit of the coronavirus outbreak. Who knew that our jobs, in peak season, would come to a grinding halt almost overnight? It’s been a challenging adjustment for all of our friends and colleagues within the event and hospitality industry, and for the rest of the country as a whole.

We are a resilient and positive group, however, this is only temporary. We believe we will come out of this stronger than ever! There will be a rebound and a social surge to return to business and we hope you will stand strong with us as we weather this storm.

How do we do that? By using this time as an opportunity. We rarely have moments to catch our breaths during this time of year – what a great time to organize and refresh before we regain momentum. Here are some positive activities we, and you, can participate in during social distancing and this unprecedented time.

Cleanse your space.

We don’t just mean wash your hands. But, do that, too! Take this down time to tidy up your circle. Purge your work area. Declutter rooms in your home. Go through your closets and donate to organizations in need. Open up your windows and get some fresh air. You can easily reduce stress just by being in a space that is clean and organized.

Get moving.

With gyms closed, spin class and weightlifting are put on pause. That doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch in your PJs all day. Take a walk outside, adopt a couch to 5K training program, or download a fitness app like. Endorphins released through exercise are proven to improve your mood. Plus, it could establish healthy habits you can carry beyond a self-quarantine.

Network creatively.

Just because we are maintaining social distance, doesn’t mean we can’t keep the conversation going. There are many virtual meeting platforms like Zoom that can keep you connected to your team and colleagues. Plan a virtual industry mixer or schedule a short live video to share some tips and tricks. Give your digital soirees a theme and have your meeting attendees come in costume – get creative!

Take a nap.

Yes, rest. Sleep heals the body physically and spiritually. When our bodies are rested, we naturally fight infection better and think clearer. It’s not very often our busy lives allow us to catch up on our sleep – take advantage of the hiatus and dream a little.

Learn something new.

The more you know, the more useful you are. With our usual busy lives, we often become so hyper focused on one area of knowledge. And, that’s great to be an expert in one thing. But it doesn’t hurt to be good in many things. While you are practicing social distancing, take an online course, follow a tutorial on YouTube, read a how-to book, or even just research ideas on the internet. Keeping your mental aptitude strong during a downturn will yield big results when you go back to the hustle.

Adopt or foster a pet.

Animals are always in need of homes. Less people are adopting or fostering shelter animals during times of stay-at-home executive orders. Not only would you be giving a dog or cat a home, but it would also provide extra companionship. Pets can help reduce emotional distress with frequent playing and socializing. Regular walking pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Check with your local shelters; some are waiving adoption fees during the coronavirus outbreak.

We are looking forward to returning crazy days and long nights putting on amazing events; we are confident that day will be soon. In the meantime, be good to each other and be good to yourselves. Take time to nurture the parts of your lives and jobs that don’t get the attention they deserve. By controlling our actions, we can take turn this into a positive event both personally and professionally. We’ll get through this together!