Crafting A Better Conference Through Sponsorship

Offering your clients a refreshing twist on event sponsorship opportunities can increase your overall event budget, provide a better attendee experience and create unique marketing opportunities for sponsors. It’s win-win-win for everyone!

 How Event  Sponsorship Can Help

Regardless of size, anyone who has planned or coordinated a corporate event understands the immense pressure felt to pull off a seamless and visually stunning ‘performance.’ But if you want to knock it out of the park, or ensure a repeat client, you’ll also have to meet the functional goals of the event within the allotted budget. Having a few extra dollars brought in by sponsorships could mean the difference between a good event, and a great event.

Start by considering the multitude of benefits of event sponsorship for your client or company, the attendees and the brands that sponsor. This will set the stage for what types of sponsorships are most appropriate to offer and hopefully, lead to creative upgrades that will set the event apart.

Client/Company Planner

  • Higher attendance
  • Overall better overall attendee experience
  • Larger event planning budget
  • Long term return on investment through repeat attendees and sponsors


  • Elevated experience
  • Exposure to new products
  • Opportunity to meet new and existing vendor partner


  • Allow companies to reach a highly targeted audience
  • Improve brand perception
  • Create opportunities for brand to interact with target market
  • Lead generation
  • Better visibility and brand recognition than traditional advertising

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Every conference is unique and while most of the opportunities below exist within any industry, it is important to consider the overall event design or theme, attendee demographics, budget, and timeline in order to create a memorable experience. Here are a plethora of examples we have worked with in the past:

  • Registration
    • Swag bags
    • Charging lounge
  • Event mobile app
  • Printed materials such as banners, programs and specific event activities such as welcome party, happy hour, leadership dinner, etc.
  • Directional signage throughout conference
  • Welcome/opening event
  • Convention guest and keynote speakers
  • Health and wellness activities
  • Vendor trade show areas
  • Team building activities and experiential events
  • Food and beverage
  • Networking gatherings and reception
  • Awards banquet
  • VIP lounge or after party
  • Off site dinner, special events, host city activities and tours

Increased Value Through Creativity

Jump into our pool of ideas. Here at Sublime Event Designs we dive deep to offer new approaches that will allow you to revive old ideas with creativity. Not saying that tried and true doesn’t have a place, but what if…

Directional signage was more than just a poster on an easel…

  • Directional SignageMonitors with motion graphics
  • Branded signs with unique and colorful elements that were functional and created a cohesive event design
  • Humanity, such as characters or mascots that can interact with attendees while providing a fun photo opportunity

Food and beverage was interactive, fresh and branded…

  • Cocktail hour with logo ice luge
  • Leadership dinner featuring dessert stations such as blazing donuts or build your toppings
  • Refreshments (offered during breaks) with recipes that revitalize and have customizable flavor options

Vendor trade show space was something other than black linens and two chairs…

  • Various food and beverage offerings such as a customizable breakfast bar, “pick me up” juice bar, or an interactive food station featuring molecular gastronomy recipes
  • Themed or branded photo opportunities
  • Experience tunnel (pictured below) or unique entrance decor
  • Giveaways/contests designed to increase attendee participation during the trade show
  • Trade show floor styling that address spatial challenges, such as overly tall ceilings and poor lighting
  • Overall trade show design that is vibrant and energizing

These are just a few ideas we have in store for your next conference, and truthfully, we are just getting started. Once we have conducted the discovery phase of planning and understand your vision and goals, we will be able to offer targeted solutions that will ensure everyone is a winner.

Your conference is our sandbox and we love to play. Contact us here for a complimentary brainstorming session on how to infuse your next corporate event with creative and functional design.