Event Production- An Insider’s View

Our job as event experts is not only to be innovative and meticulous…but to also be illusionist! Hundreds of hours go into one event so the guest can experience a seamless night to remember.

We at Sublime Event Designs know what it takes to produce a flawless event. Join us as we pull away the curtain and invite you into our process…here is an insider’s view!

The Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa located in tropical Palm Beach, Florida served as a luxurious venue for our Presidents Club event. Combining the client’s vision and our design background, we landed on a simple yet elegant concept.

Metallic hues of gold and silver cascaded throughout the event. Silver drape flowed capturing the accent lights perfectly while mirrors and candles paralleled the luminescent effect on tablescapes. Floral accents gave a subtle pop of color highlighting the elegant ambience.

Adding an element of musical surprise, an 8-foot wooden structure hosted an oversized harp which hung over the audience. Known as the Earth Harp, each musical sting was individually hung and toned- a production that took four hours to complete.

Guest dined and mingled as the symphonic harp serenaded them, completely unaware of all the production behind the scenes. Click below to view our concept through creation process.