How an Event Design Firm Fits Better with Your SMM

Are you working on multiple programs at a time? Are you tired of working with different production and event companies? Do you want to have more help on your team?

These are some of the common complaints we hear on a weekly basis from our clients. We are in the business of making your life easier as a planner and assisting you in making the best event possible.

Below we are going to tell you the Pros of working with a full-service design firm:

1. Cut out the middle man

We save you money by working with direct vendors and not going through a management company

2. Cost effectiveness at its finest

Our privately-owned company allows you to get more bang for your buck

3. Think of us as an extension of your team

Take the stress out of your job knowing we will deal with any and all of those “surprise” requests

4. The best creativity is when great minds meet

We collaborate with your production company, and your team to build a cohesive message from your general session to your events

5. We travel to every location

There is no need to work with a local DMC and hope that they understand your group and objectives! Over time we understand what you are looking for and want for your groups needs and quality of experience.

6. Let us paint you a picture

We are able to assist with diagramming, 3-d renderings and documents to bring your vision to life

7. We live for organization

We provide full production schedules, loading dock schedules and updated diagrams.

8. Custom design based on group size, purpose of event, demographic and location

We are all about customization, the word “no” is not in our vocabulary

9. Education, Top Trends, Networking

We attend many conferences so that we can help our clients with better strategies to bring their meetings

10. Comfortable knowing it will be done the right way

Since we are an extension of you, we execute just the way you would!

Bonus tip: our design team is available to our clients 24/7 365- meaning any question or request you may have you can ask us at any point in time.

Interested in these top 10 reasons to work with a design firm? Request a proposal today and we’ll share more with you!