Creative Event Lighting

Light ‘Em Up! 7 Types of Creative Event Lighting

The meetings and events industry is thriving. And American Express’ Global Meetings and Events Forecast project that this space is just going to keep growing.

From incredible event planners to new and better ways to market your event to new potential attendees, there’s never been a better time to throw a corporate event. And with your budget, the sky is seemingly the limit.

But planning your event can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect lighting to illuminate your event. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to the best lighting to use for any event.

Discover our favorite creative event lighting options for your upcoming corporate event. Keep reading for everything you need to know about our top 7.

1. Recycled Lighting

From used wine bottles to repurposed paper cups, DIY event lighting is a creative solution for any event. But this is an especially cool idea for themed events. For example, imagine using old beer bottle recycled lighting at a business event for all of your beer and wine vendors.

2. Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is all the rage these days. It utilizes building materials like PVC pipe, wrought iron, and even old factory lighting to create a very stylish glow. Industrial lighting can also be quite masculine and perfect for a men’s event.

3. Natural Lighting

Tree branches, antlers, and even Autumn leaves are excellent editions to any event lighting scheme. Natural lighting brings the outdoors in, making this a unique and creative idea for camping or adventure-related events. But this lighting option can be tweaked to work well with other types of business events, too.

4. Chandelier Lighting

What better says elegant than a beautiful or funky chandelier? If you’re looking to impress with your event lighting, a custom chandelier might just be for you. If you prefer a more unique and style-forward look, you can use jewelry, candles, or even recycled glass bottles to create a custom chandelier.

5. Pendant Lighting

Hanging pendants are excellent for outdoor events, but they work just as well with indoor events. Glass pendants can offer a more upscale vibe while paper pendant lanterns are more casual and festive.

6. Candle Lighting

Want something a little more romantic and intimate for your event’s lighting? Candles or candelabras may not be the most creative lighting choice. But when you consider the infinite ways you can use candles at your event, you’ll understand why we included this option in our list.

Sublime-event-designs-Orlando-event-plannet-services7. Lantern Lighting

This creative lighting choice combines two of the other categories on this list into one: candle and pendant lighting. Hand lanterns lit by either real or faux candles around your event for a classic design.

More Creative Kinds of Lighting Ideas

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