Winter Themes for Events

How to Design a Winter Theme for Your Event

Heat up your winter event by embracing the season as part of your theme. Winter themes offer up extensive decor possibilities with lots of options to give guests an immersive experience.

Consider the overall feeling you want to create at the event when choosing your theme. Cater to the guests with a more sophisticated winter theme for a corporate donor event or a more playful Christmas theme for a family event.

Explore these winter themes to find the perfect one for your event.

Retro Christmas

Stir up memories of holidays past with a retro Christmas theme. The 60s Christmas theme works well with old-school silver aluminum trees lit by a color wheel, large-bulb Christmas lights, and vintage Christmas posters. Throw in retro-style furniture to fit the decade to make guests feel like they’re sitting in their grandparents’ living room.

Winter Wonderland

Create a whimsical, over-the-top winter theme by filling your venue with white decor, twinkling lights, and all things winter. Faux snow and icicles throughout the venue help create a winter wonderland theme. Light blue and silver decor also fit into this theme.

Turn this classic winter theme into an immersive experience by designing the venue to look like the inside of a snow globe. Guests feel like they’re walking through a giant snow globe as they enjoy dinner and entertainment.

Ski Chalet

Create a cozy, intimate feeling by turning your event space into a ski chalet. Wooden panels, antlers, and fireplaces help set the stage for the theme. Other design elements that work include logs, skis, ski boots, and pine boughs or trees.

Holidays Around the World

Create an inclusive theme by celebrating different winter holidays around the world. Decorate different areas of the venue to represent the traditions in various countries.

Your menu can also reflect the different cultures you represent in your decorations. One option is to set up different buffet-style food stations in each of the country areas to let people fully experience the culture as they explore the decorations.

This theme works well if your company or organization does business internationally. Choose the countries you represent in your decor based on where you do business.

Fire and Ice

For a dramatic effect, consider a fire and ice theme. The two contrasting elements make this theme engaging. You can mix the two design elements throughout the venue or create two distinct areas, one representing fire and one representing ice.

Ice sculptures, blue lights, and metallic design elements emphasize the ice part of the theme. Candles, LED lights that resemble flames, and red colors build the fire theme.

North Pole

For a family-friendly event, transform your venue into Santa’s workshop. Create an area that looks like a toy workshop, Santa’s house, and reindeer stables.

A natural tie-in is to have someone dressed as Santa to greet guests. Having all staff dress as elves creates the illusion that guests have been transported to the North Pole. Live reindeer and a sleigh add a special touch to the theme and give guests an immersive experience.

Embrace Winter Themes

It’s possible to choose winter themes, even ones that are done all the time, and turn them into something dazzling and immersive. Are you ready to plan your winter event? Request a proposal and we can help you create an experiential event that your guests won’t forget.