Christmas decor with bowls and chairs

Holiday Event Planning Checklist: Part Two

Now that August is upon us, the second half of the year will begin to zoom by, and the holidays will be here before you know it! Have you started planning for your holiday corporate event? School is back in session and summer vacations are coming to an end so you should be preparing for your holiday event planning.

We’ve provided a checklist for you to follow to make sure you’ve accounted for all the elements you need for a fully immersive event. In part one of our post we discussed venue, transportation, food and beverage, and entertainment.

The best part of planning your holiday corporate event is the theme and the décor. How will you create a lasting impression for your guests? Read on for part two of our corporate holiday event checklist.


Naturally, with the holidays you have a built-in theme of Christmas or other cultural celebrations. During this time you can easily utilize the hundreds of classic décor ideas that come from all things winter, like lighted trees, twinkle lights, and ribbons and wreaths.

If you want to set your holiday corporate event apart, however, you might consider getting creative with your décor and using items or color schemes that aren’t as obvious. However, we suggest choosing décor that compliments your brand. Every function your company holds is an opportunity for brand advocacy. Deviating too far from your culture could confuse guests.

Winter Events that Sparkle

Twinkle lights and globe strings aren’t the only way to make your event shine. Introducing layers of metallics through bar fronts, linens and place settings are a great way to add shine without upping the electricity. Silver, golds and coppers are beautiful accents to any holiday corporate event and relatively easy to implement.

We suggest using alternatives to traditional holiday lighting like palatial chandeliers and a lot of candles. Nothing captures winter and the holidays quite like the flicker of a flame. You can even use candle chandeliers to get the full effect.

Colorful Holiday Parties

Purple and violet christmas decor
Purples and Violets are a great way to offer alternative holiday decor.

Reds and greens will always work for corporate holiday events. Consider using different schemes that will truly create a memorable experience. We love the use of deep purples and plums mixed with rich reds and violets. Offset with ivory and gold to create a royal mood fit for any holiday king or queen.

Navy blue is a big color trend and cool hues are a great way to introduce winter into your event. Paired with teals, icy blues, stark whites and silvers this winter event is sure to be a winter blast. It also is a great color scheme for Hannukah, especially when you implement candles and stars.

Holiday Floral for Your Event

Holiday event decor with chandeliers and foliage walll
Simple and classy holiday event inspiration

A great way to bring your corporate holiday event together is through the use of flowers and foliage. Common go-to arrangements are wreaths, poinsettias and garlands and are readily available. It is easy to blow your budget on flowers and plants, so ensuring the flowers you choose are in season will help conserve your event dollars.

Are you looking for more than spruce trees and holly berries? Try using lilies, wildflowers or even orchids to add pops of color and fragrance. We love these ideas from FlowerMag on incorporated winter floral arrangements.

If you follow this checklist and plan your event during the summer months, your corporate holiday event will be end-of-year event that everyone remembers.

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