Holiday Event Planning

Holiday Event Planning Checklist: Part 1

We are already in the second half of the year and fast approaching the holiday season! It’s hard to think about planning for events during the winter season when it is so hot outside! But, if you are just now starting to plan your holiday corporate party for the upcoming winter season, you might already be behind the ball. It’s not too late to catch up, however. Make sure your winter event design doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with our Holiday Event Planning Checklist.

Holiday Event Venue

Typically, venues book quickly during the latter part of the year, especially November and December. If you don’t already have your venue reserved, you might find yourself challenged with locating one that fits within the timeframe of your scheduled function.

Having flexible dates will help keep your options open when choosing a venue. However, if you find that typical hotel ballrooms and meeting spaces are completely booked, consider using an alternative location. Large barns or warehouses are unlikely places for people to book during the holidays, but they add an extra layer of charm you wouldn’t be able to achieve in a traditional space. This also gives you outdoor and inside space, allowing your guests to move to where they feel most comfortable.


Many corporate functions during the holidays are destination events and take place outside their home region. This brings additional challenges with transporting your guests to and from activities, as well as from airports to where they will be staying.

Many transportation companies increase their fleet availability and staff to accommodate a rise in traffic during the winter season. Be sure to check the local area for events that will impact the main thoroughfares, like parades or concerts. This can cause delays in traffic and/or close roads and can wreak havoc on event day if not properly prepared for a detour.

Rides to-and-from locations are opportunities to create energy and hype for your guests. Make sure you vehicles are in line with your function and don’t miss the opportunity to brand! If your event is casual, limousines may not be appropriate but a party bus would be perfect. Pre-stock your fleets with branded gift bags or promotional items that support your company and/or the theme of your event.


With holiday parties both big and small happening across the country, it is important to secure your food and beverage far in advance. Consider that chefs will have special menus during this season. Be sure to inquire about guest allergies before securing your catering to ensure all guests are properly- and well-fed.

Indulgence is a common theme during the holidays and food and beverage is a perfect opportunity to provide an immersive experience. Decadent treats and roasted meats pair perfectly with the winter season, as well as creatively crafted cocktails. Be sure to include these in your holiday event planning.


A memorable event provides a 360 degree experience and selecting the right entertainment is key to your function’s success. The holidays are a time for people to unwind from the year and celebrate achievements. Give your guests the ability to let loose with a reputable band and/or DJ. For a true wow factor, consider alternative types of entertainment like cirque performers pouring champagne from the rafters – set the tone for our guests to let loose!

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you! Take these steps during the summer to ensure you aren’t scrambling to prepare your event. Stay tuned for part two of this post where we discuss winter event theme ideas and décor options that will create an unforgettable event.

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