The Top 4 Ways To Make Black & White Corporate Events Beautiful

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So the saying goes, nothing is ever black and white. Well, in the design world it is! Black and white are the two “non-colors” that breathe life into events. Whether they are used as solids or accents, black and white are a perfect canvas to construct a classic and chic event around.

We at Sublime Event Designs recently designed a black and white Gala at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. We use the contrasting colors to design an epic event filled with design and art!

Here are the top 4 ways we made our event burst with black and white.

1. Colored contrast

Black and white are at two opposite ends of the spectrum which make them the perfect duo! The purity of white combined with the boldness of black created an elegant vibe and an art deco element to our event. We used black and white throughout the event from the chandeliers to the drapery then to the dance floor and bar. Using a simplistic color scheme allows each element to make a bold statement while keeping the event cohesive.

2. Monochromatic accents

Upon entrance into the room, a 10 x12 foot custom design structure greeted guests. Using closely woven black and white designs tricks the eye into seeing a gray tone. Keeping with this optical illusion, we used solid black drape with a pure white up light to create a slightly lighter shade of black. With these small accents of gray, it breaks up with black and white so the room doesn’t look too blocky or chunky with color.

3. Geometric shapes

Another way to break up the scheme is through the use of shapes. We used a cylindrical patterned white bar and illuminated it with various shades of colors. The use of crystals in our centerpieces captured the glow of LEDs while they complemented our hexagonal black and white patterned linen.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays a magical role in any event. It brings life to still objects and vibrancy to any room. For our event light played the role of color. We used various filters and LED’s to contrast the back of our bars as well as the tablescape. While black and white are always classics, there isn’t anything wrong with shaking it up a bit with a pop of luminescent color!

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