Garden Glamour in Chicago

Chicago Corporate Events

Coming up with a solution to a problem is something our Sublime Event designers are known for. When a client says they want a garden party inside a convention center- we make it happen! Follow us as we share how we turned an empty ballroom into an international flower and garden festival.

Our glamorous garden event takes places at the beautiful Hyatt Regency, located in Chicago. Our ballroom was located in the basement of the venue, so creating an open aired flower and garden festival was definitely a challenge.

Chicago Event Planning

To create a natural vibe we brought in lush boxwood hedges to line the room and wrapped the columns in a moss drape to imitate a bountiful garden. By turning down the overhead fluorescents and adding numerous stings of market lights, our team was able to give off the warm feel of a fresh summer night.

Spinning off the international flower and garden theme, we wanted to tie in the global essence to our client’s company culture. Our 8 foot hedges featured the continents in which our client’s hubs reside. Each section featured the name of the continent and a matching illustration created through greenery and rich florals. To enhance each location a food and wine selection native to the continent were featured.

Another obstacle at the top of our list was our client’s budget. Since Chicago has some labor restrictions, we were able to bring our own design and implementation teams to help lower the clients bottom line.

At Sublime Event Designs, our crew is always flexible and willing to accommodate any unusual or circumstantial hindrance. Want to learn more about the design concept of this Garden Party? Contact us today!