Food Trucks: A Taste of Local Fare

When it comes to accompanying décor, food is the main star! And what’s the hottest trend in cuisine? Food trucks! These mobile cuisine carriers offer up the trendiest tastes in a quick and convenient way.

When you think of food trucks you may think of weekend trips to the farmer’s market and even fair food! But have you ever thought about incorporating them into your event?

The mobile movers are delicious for any caliber event, they are perfect for a casual social hour, a conversation starter for conferences, or a splash of fun at a black tie occasion. You can bring the vehicle into your venue to create a faux outdoor or industrial feel. Another way to feature your cuisine is to park them alongside your event for a fair ambiance.

Another reason to use food trucks is so you can highlight local fare. Whether you are hosting an event locally or designing a destination affair, these trucks help bring the city vibe throughout the event. You can highlight a city’s specialty cuisine, like Seafood in San Francisco or popcorn and dip dish in Chicago. This attention to city pride will go far with not only the guests, but the client!

The great thing about food trucks are they are not your average corndog stands anymore! So, don’t shy away from incorporating them into your upscale events. From decadent main dishes to gourmet ice cream and cotton candy treats, there is a food truck to fit every taste bud!

See how we incorporated food trucks in our corporate event!

The first way we have used food trucks is in a traditional way. Pulling the vehicles into a communal setting and accompanying with cocktail tables, creates for a beautiful evening under the stars.

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