The Perfect Corporate Event – 5 Questions You Should Ask

Are you wanting to create the perfect corporate event? Before you design an event that will leave your guests speechless, there are essential questions you should answer. We’ve listed the five basic and very important questions you should ask while planning or designing your next corporate event.

What is the goal of your corporate event?

Corporate Event Welcome Every event has a different purpose. Will you be entertaining clients? Are you encouraging sales staff to increase profitability? Is your event a sales training exercise, or are you hosting a product roll-out? Identifying the goal of your event ensures your attendees are connected and engaged. It also allows you to stay on-track when planning the design and décor options.

What is your event budget and how many people will attend?

Event costs can quickly escalate with no plan in place. Defining an event budget before you plan your corporate helps you reduce surprise costs and provides clear expense allocation. Plan for everything you need from travel and transportation costs to event gifts and marketing. Knowing your guest count is incredibly important. Last minute additions to your attendees can result in big fees, especially in catering and lodging.

What type of flow is important to your corporate event?

Event Table SettingAn extravagant gala with a formal dinner has different requirements than a welcome reception where networking is the focus. One requires table settings and seating arrangements, while the other requires ample room for walking and low room noise for conversation. These differences determine the flow of your event, narrowing down your decor needs such as centerpieces, stage set, entertainment, lighting, and crowd management.

What is the location and time-of-day for your event?

Knowing your location and time will help you plan a seasonably appropriate event. For example, hurricane season could impact an outdoor event in Florida. Having a “Plan B” space for your event eliminates stress in the event of inclement weather and many vendors will allow changes for up to a week before your event.  If you are planning a day event, consider reducing your lighting budget. Also, outdoor events during the day require shade structures to keep guests cool and comfortable.

Consider your audience!

Make sure to read your room with the right décor and entertainment choices. Is your group refined and sophisticated or lively and casual? It is important your corporate event design fits your audience, so guests are engaged, and your goals are met!

Do you need help planning your next corporate event? Please contact Sublime Event Designs and we would be happy to help you design and develop your event vision!

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