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1) What is the purpose or goal of the event?
Every event has a different purpose. Are you entertaining clients? Are you encouraging sales staff to increase profitability? Are you training your sales team or are you hosting a product roll out? The list goes on and on for the reasons of hosting this occasion! This will very much define the overall layout and flow to your events.

2) What is your overall event budget and projected guest count?
Every corporate event has to be profitable in one way or another so to define your budget will be key in the beginning phase of design.  Of course your guest count has a huge part on this number because the larger the guest count the more money in food costs which will take money out of your decor and production budget.


3) What type of flow is important to your event?
Are you designing a sit down dinner or gala? Is this a welcome reception where you want people to network? Is this a product showcase? All of these factors will determine what piece of the event is most important to your decor needs such as table designs, stage set, entertainment, lighting, etc.

4) What date and time are you considering hosting this event?
Certain areas of the world have better weather at different times of the year. For example Florida and hurricane season!! Also, the time of the event plays a large part in your lighting needs if you happen to have an event outdoors. If it doesn’t get dark till 9pm, then why spend your money on lighting? This also leads into having a backup space for your event! Always have a plan B before you secure vendors! Some vendors will allow you to make changes up to a week (depending on what type of goods they are providing) in advance as long as they know there could be a rain call!


5) Consider your audience!
Is this a type of group that prefers the finer things in life or is this a group that likes to have fun and let loose? It is important for the type of event that you design to fit your audience so that they feel comfortable at the event and your overall event purpose is met! If you need any help to begin your planning process or site recommendations, please contact us Sublime Event Designs and we would be happy to help you design and develop your event vision!

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