A well-thought out bar vignette by a creative event agency.

The Event Design Alternative to a Destination Management Company

Are you looking to level up your corporate events? Using a creative production and event agency, rather than a Destination Management Company, is the right choice in designing functions that leave a lasting impression.

Destination Management Companies (DMC) are often sourced to assist in the planning of corporate events. When corporate functions take place outside of a business’ physical location, a DMC partnership is particularly common due to their knowledge of the local resources. They are a logistics service, after all, assisting with transportation, hotel accommodations, guest coordination, supplier management, accounting, and even event management.

A DMC is great for transporting guests and helping with operations. However, when they are tasked to design events that impress, these companies often fall short. Creating an experience that will engage your attendees requires more than administration expertise and canned event themes.

Here are four reasons why you should ditch the DMC for your next event and partner with a creative event agency instead.


A creative event and production company will design a customized event to fit your brand, culture and conference intention.  No two companies are the same, and creative event professionals avoid off-the-shelf themes. They deliver functions that are unique and individualized.

A DMC is responsible for maximizing occupancy and turning guests. They rarely have the time or expertise to examine details that will make your event stand out from the rest.


Every opportunity that involves your business should be an extension of your brand, and planning meetings are no exception. Event and production companies creatively find solutions to display your brand in ways that echo the intention of your function.

This goes beyond displaying your logo and promotional materials. Creative event agencies learn the company culture and people, and consistently deliver this information through details that DMC companies often overlook.


Creative event and production companies are not just a local hire, rather an extension of your team. DMC companies provide local connections and resources; creative agencies build relationships with reputable firms and your company. Rather than introducing your internal planning team to out-of-town networks, an event agency works on your behalf. This reduces your time investment and stress. And, they can travel with you anywhere your company plans events – a service a local DMC cannot offer.


The most attractive service of a creative event and production company is their ability to create inspiring and engaging experiences. When every detail is considered, guests are intrigued from start to finish. Through properly appointed décor, themed elements, dramatic lighting, and even music and temperature control, immersive events are in line with your function intent. And, these experiences leave lasting impressions on attendees and guests.

When getting your guests from the airport to your venue location, a Destination Management Company is probably a decent choice. Designing an emotionally charged and experiential affair, a party people remember, requires a solid partnership with an experienced and reputable creative agency.

Sublime Event Designs is a creative event design and production firm, specializing in corporate, branding and experiential events. Our full-service design team travels with clients to provide a seamless experience regardless of the event location. If you’d like to level up your next corporate event, contact us today.